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WigPal Lace tint spray
  • Easy to use: shake and be sure to be 1-3 inches from the scalp for perfect coverage, be sure to hard squeeze test spray before applying. no need for heavy spray light spray gets the job done
  • Easy to clean: simple wash with water will do the job without leaving any residue which is another reasoning for high demand of product! Leaves no damage to scalp and does not effect hair growth.
  • Quick dry application: Product self dries within 3 minutes of applying application and does not need to be heat blow dried!  If you want a more satisfying out come apply layers and let dry separately before applying next layer.
  • Note: do not apply until you see water flow, once again heavy sprays are not need and will not give the best out come for your invisible lace features.

WigPal Lace tint spray

$9.99 Regular Price
$5.99Sale Price

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